* All of the pictures available through this web site were taken by photographers who have been fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout the world, often as part of their jobs. Once in these exotic locales, the photographers have capitalized on these opportunities to tour and partake in the unique sites, sounds and tastes that each of these countries has to offer.

After all --- if you are already there, why not take the time to learn about the history, government and culture of these countries, and see what distinguishes each from the other -- the unique landscapes, the natural wonders and the historical relics of civilizations long since vanished.

* At first, we kept these pictures in photo albums, or desk drawers, breaking them out only when family or friends came to visit and asked about our latest international adventures. Occasionally, we would even mat and frame a few of our favorites and display them in our offices and homes. Unexpectedly, many of the people who saw these pictures asked where we'd purchased them -- insisting that the pictures had to have been taken by professional photographers. It never really occurred to us that other people might like to purchase our pictures and display them in their offices and homes. For us, they were primarily beautiful reminders of the amazing things we'd seen, and often, a sanity check during stressful times.

* What really helped solidify the idea for this web site was a chance outing to an annual street fair in Washington, D.C. While strolling through the fair, one of us happened upon a small crowded booth. Inside, we found that they were selling matted pictures of various scenes around the world: a lake view in a small town in Spain; a door from a house in Slovenia; carved dragons jutting out from a temple roof in China.

* It was then that we realized how pictures enrich people's lives; those who have already visited these places, and those who have only dreamt of visiting them. Through the pictures available on this website we hope you'll be able to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of these far off lands, just as we did --- without having to leave the comfort of your own home; without having to sit on an overcrowded airline for 20+ hours; and without having to listen to flight attendants talk about oxygen masks dropping from the ceiling.

* Today, more than ever, we all need to occasionally escape from our hectic lifestyles and remind ourselves of the wonders and grandeur of nature. It is also helpful to remember that well after civilizations have disappeared, and long after anyone can recall the reasons that led to war, the ever enduring aspects of civilizations have been, and always will be, the architecture, traditions, beliefs, cultures and art that they leave behind.

* In a very real sense, these pictures are our art -- what we hope to contribute today, and leave behind tomorrow. These pictures are also an artistic outlet for our otherwise non-artistic lifestyles -- a way to express ourselves and share the beauty that exists around the world.

* While we don't expect to change the world with a picture - we do hope that these pictures will touch and influence people's lives - right in their own homes.

So please enjoy these pictures. And please send us your comments -- as well as your ideas for improving the site. We'd love to hear from you!!